Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

    Will Return
    Recently I took a brief hiatus, because I needed to get some things in order. If you saw my last instagram post here. I talked about a few things in my life that needed my attention. One of those main things, being my health. 
    This past year, I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease, I was admitted to urgent care and was told to follow a strict diet plan that consisted of low to no fat foods. However, as someone who loves food, I didn’t listen and kept my same eating habits. In the spring of this year, I was admitted to the urgent care again, and later found out that I also had been diagnosed with fibroids. Life was changing so rapidly, I was 30 and suffered from two major health diseases. I knew that my weight/health played a major role in my new diagnoses. I wanted to ignore the signs, but my health was staring me in the face, saying “You can’t run from me”! 
    Having two major wakeup calls, made me look at life differently and I started to really begin to put more emphasis on my overall wellness. I joined a CrossFit gym, I have been eating healthy, and ultimately changing my entire lifestyle. Which means that I am going to be taking a break from blogging to make it a priority! Don’t worry guys, I will be back and stronger than ever! Being diagnosed with these diseases was probably the best thing that has happened in my life. It’s provided me clarity, direction and focus for my blog, especially with the message I want to convey to my readers. 
    I don’t plan on being gone long, just long enough to be at a point where I am living the best life for my mind, body and soul. What does this mean for the future of Simply Carmen Renee? Well, it means a new outlook and new focus! So if you want to be the first to hear about the return and all the new changes then please sign up here: I will share more of that upon my return! I pray that you continue to stick it out with me, because it will definitely be worth it! 

    White Jumpsuit


    Happy Hump Day! We are so close to the weekend and I’m ready for Friday and a margarita! Can someone please bring back spring break, it all feels a blur. But until then I will wait until the time passes when I can enjoy a nice refreshing beverage and catch up with some friends for happy hour! But speaking of Happy Hour, if you are looking for the perfect outfit, look no further! This jumpsuit is everything and it’s perfect for spring! I love it because it the fit, material and length is very flattering and when worn with heels this look will surely turn heads, just because it is all white! Nevertheless, if you are looking for an amazing deal, look no further! I have linked the where you can get this gorgeous piece, plus similar accessories above! 
    SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-28 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-29 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-32 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-35 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-36 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-40 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-42



    Printed Kimono


    Happy Friday loves! I hope you all have had a great week and of course cheers to the weekend! This week has been pretty busy with traveling to Houston to visit my family. I had a great time partying it up with my mom for her birthday! I have literally ate everything in sight! lol, if you ever travel to Houston make sure you eat at Pappadeaux and try their gator bites! They are so good. Alright enough with me talking about food, let’s get into this look! I recently received this beautiful Kimono from FTF and really wanted to figure out a way to wear it. So like any fashion blogger I went to my Pinterest board to find some fun looks, I stumbled up on Sweenee Style blog and this look popped up here. Now I am never afraid to say that my looks are inspired by other bloggers and their style, so when I found Adrienne, I feel in love, her style is impeccable. Make sure to check out her blog!  

    Usually I would never think to pair a kimono with a skirt, so I indulged my curiosity and paired this look with by FTF skirt and bodysuit, of course I have linked each piece above, so you can shop away. I believe this particular Kimono is sold out, but I have listed several others that would go perfectly with this look!  Ladies what are your thoughts? Do we love? Let me know how you rock your printed Kimono, I always love fashion inspiration. 













    Olive Jumpsuit


    Happy St. Patricks Day! In honor of this fun filled green day, I decided to break out my olive jumpsuit! Ladies, I have been recently obsessed with jumpsuits especially for the spring. They are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. What I love about this sleek Fashion to Figure jumpsuit is definitely the material and the fact that it fits great on my figure. I paired it with my white blazer and strappy Steve Madden heels. Plus this jumpsuit was under $50! Unfortunately ladies this one was so popular on the website that it sold out fast! But it will definitely be restocked so stay tuned. Nevertheless I have linked some similar jumpsuits that you can add to your wardrobe this season! 











    Weekly Wish List: Spring/ Summer Sandals

    Ok Ladies, for this weekly wish list I am covering my favorite spring/summer sandals.  I have been recently loving all the colorful sandals that have been popping up on the fashion scene. I love perusing through instagram and seeing all the bloggers style the different pairs of sandals with their outfits, which always gives me ideas and inspiration for what I want to add to my closet for this season. For me I have been completely coveting these particular sandals, because they add a little bit of flavor to my spring/summer wardrobe.  I have already purchased pair number 3 and pair number 4, and I am looking to get pair number 2 and pair number 7. Sometimes I know my wallet hates me for my obsession over sandals! But, you can’t go wrong with a great pair of sandals. Which ones are on your wish list! Shop all the shoes below or click your favorite one on the photo for a direct link back to the shoe!  


    Spring Has Sprung


    I have been having a blast visiting my family in Houston. It was my mom’s 65th birthday so we surprised her by flying down and threw her a big crawfish boil to celebrate. I definitely captured everything on my snapchat (@simplycarmenren). The weather in Texas has been treating us good, and has definitely allowed me to transition my Miami wardrobe here, which makes life easier. I’ve been recently adding pops of color to my wardrobe, and you can find me obsessing over pastels and lots of coral/ peach colors!

    SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-131 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-130 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-129 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-132 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-125 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-133

    Since spring is upon us, I thought that it would be fitting to add this gorgeous top to my wardrobe. This beauty comes from Forever 21+, I paired this with my peach jeans from FTF, which worked out perfectly. This look is perfect for an outing with friends, family or the hubs. The best part is that this top can be worn multiple ways; with a skirt, jacket, you name it, it has many different variations, and of course it was under $30 so you really can’t beat that great deal.

    What’s on your spring wardrobe list? Adding any peach/pastel tones to your closet?


    FTF Week of the Denim {Day 5}


    Top (here) FTF Jeans (here) Wedges (Similar here) Sunglasses (here) Custom Made Bracelet (made here) Clutch (Similar here) Necklace (here)

    Happy Friday! As I throw confetti in the air! We’ve made it! I love Friday’s it’s the start to a fun filled weekend of endless laughter and joy! Don’t forget to catch my weekend snaps on snapchat @simplycarmenren I would definitely say their fun to watch, especially my car chronicles lol.

    Nevertheless, the time has come to showcase the final look in the Week of the Denim series here on Simply Carmen Renee. I had so much fun showcasing these looks. And don’t worry, if you love getting great inspiration for some denim looks, definitely make sure you stay tuned, because I will be showcasing more looks featuring my favorite FTF jeans!
    SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-158 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-155 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-153 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-151 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-149 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-137 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-154

    When we shot this look, I didn’t expect the day to be so gorgeous, but let me tell you, it was so beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect. What’s great about this look is that you can put together in under 10 minutes. Just grab a white blouse and your favorite FTF Denim and you will have an amazing, elegant outfit! Btw did I mention how much I love these wedges. I scored these DVF wedges at Nordstrom Rack and they were 60% off the originally price! Holla if you love great deals! They are super comfortable.

    I could definitely see myself wearing this just casually on the weekend; headed to the movies, or brunch with friends it’s just a perfect outfit for spring!

    On Monday, we will be recapping all the outfits and I will have you vote on which one was your favorite! Stay tuned. Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for following along I appreciate your continued support, advice and just an all around great person! Have a wonderful weekend!


    FTF Week of the Denim {Day 4}

    SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-69 Top (here) FTF denim (here) Clutch (Similar here) Heels (Similar here) Custom Bracelet (here)

    Yay! You’ve made it to Day 4!! Have you seen any looks that your obsessing over these outfits like me? I would definitely have to say Look 2 has been my favorite so far, but I definitely love all looks.

    Well with spring around the corner March 21st to be exact, it is more than appropriate to start bring out the floral prints in your wardrobe. Plus this top is so cute, and flowly, and can be worn with practically anything. You can throw this under a blazer; wear it with a skirt, the options are endless. Someone once told me if you buy a piece of clothing make sure you can wear it at least 3 different ways. Well this is definitely a top that I could see myself wearing multiple ways. I would recommend buying a strapless bra to hold the ladies down so they won’t be all over the place.


    SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-70 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-73 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-75 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-76 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-80 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-81 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-82 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-83 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-85

    These jeans were perfect, because they are light wash so it doesn’t over power the focus of the blouse. Again, as I mentioned before in my last post, the best part about FTF denim is the level of comfort that these jeans provide. I promise you ladies you won’t be disappointed.

    So what’s your plans for this upcoming Spring Break? I will definitely be traveling a lot so make sure you check me out on snapchat for all the behind the scenes footage @simplycarmenren


    FTF Week of the Denim {Day 3}

    SimplyCarmenRenee MiamiFashion Style Blogger Photographer Photography-90  Top Target (no longer sold) ( similar here) Jeans (here) Clutch (here) Heels (here) Custom Bracelet (made here) Necklace (here)

    Ok let’s just stop and pause, if there is one thing I love to wear it’s denim on denim. Anytime I am out and about, I always reach in my closet for this combination. I love the fact that it is effortlessly easy to put together. I would definitely classify my style as classic with a touch of flare. But, I truly love this combination. Oh and did you see the heels? There absolutely gorgeous, I got them from Nordstrom Rack and they are so cute for spring right?

    SimplyCarmenRenee Miami Fashion Style Blogger Photographer Photography SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-102 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-105 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-100 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-117 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-99 SimplyCarmenReneeMiamiFashionStyleBloggerPhotographerPhotography-104

    Btw speaking of spring it’s vastly approaching and I want to let you in on a little secret! My 2-year blogaversary is coming up in April (eek) I am so pumped and I am definitely planning something memorable. So stay tuned for that!

    Now back to the denim. These jeans have to be another winner in my jean collection, the material is soft, stretchy, and fits perfect around my hips, thighs and butt. I usually roll up the pants so they won’t scrunch at the bottom, and so you can see the heels.

    Have you ever tried the denim on denim combination? Let me know, I would love to know how you ladies style your looks!



    FTF Week of the Denim {Day 2}


    It’s Day 2 of FTF Week of the Denim and this is probably one of my favorite looks! When it comes to your denim what’s the first song that comes to your mind? Mine would have to be Bubba Sparxx Ms. New Booty. I always find myself dancing around in an amazing pair of jeans, especially if it makes my butt good! For me jeans have always been a confidence booster, especially if they’re the perfect pair. One thing I value in my wardrobe is having a great pair of denim jeans. What I love the most about these jeans is the cropped leg and the distressed pattern. It’s very edgy yet chic.

    When styling your denim keep the look simple. Focus more on accessorizing your outfit. For example, for this look I wore neutral tone heels and I added a touch of color with a bright clutch. What’s your favorite way to wear/ style your denim? Are you loving this look, well if you do, all the links have been provided above!

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s look as it’s going to be a treat!







    Plus Size Denim FTF Denim Miami Blogger



    FTF Week of the Denim {Day 1}


    FTF Jeans (here) Top (here) Heels (here) Sunglasses (here) Clutch (similar here) Custom Made Bracelet (here

    Hey loves! I am back from my little mini hiatus! This little break has pushed me hard to hit the ground running on providing you all with consistent content. And I wanted to thank you all for participating in my survey, your thoughts have been super tremendous about my blog revamping! For those of you who are interested in receiving insider news/ bts information about Simply Carmen Renee, please make sure you subscribe here for updates. And to catch more bts action of my life be sure to follow me on instagram (follow here) and snapchat (@simplycarmenren)

    Things have been wonderful and I am super pumped to share some upcoming projects with you all! One of the first projects is with Fashion to Figure (FTF). FTF and I have partnered together to create several amazing looks for you featuring their amazing denim jeans. These jeans are perfect for my curvy girls out their! When I tell you that these jeans are so worth it, I absolutely mean it. Throughout the week I will be showcasing how I style my favorite denim looks, plus where to buy all the pieces. The sizes range from 12-24.  

    The first look is featuring their skinny jeans and of course this colorful coral blouse that is perfect for spring. I am all about neutral accessories when I am going bold with colors, so I stuck to a neutral colored clutch and pair of heels. Can I tell you these jeans fit perfectly around my body! I can definitely where this look out with friends, or even the hubs, so I am definitely obsessed.